These days many older single Americans are finding new spouses and dating partners on the internet and through a whole range of new activities and social groups that didn’t even exist twenty years ago. However, that being said, there are still many seniors who feel like there is nothing that they can do that is going to help them to find somebody special. In faCt believe it or not there are even some who feel like they wouldn’t be able to get a date if they tried.

The question is, why are some seniors so open to new possibilities while other feel like they have all but given up hope of ever finding a new partner. Well, there is a new program called The Girlfriend Activation System that claims women are all born with an engrained “obsession story” that basically determine what sort of men and what sort of make behavior they will be attracted to. Now whatever you think of that, you must admit that it is a pretty interesting idea and one that may well have some merit (assuming you are one of the more “open-minded” folks whom I referenced.) Furthermore, if there truly is an obsession story that is determining who women (and perhaps men too?) choose as mates, then wouldn’t it makes sense that by understanding this obsession story we would be able to reverse engineer attraction and be able to figure out how to get any mate that we desired?

This matter of “understanding attraction” has actually caught on to a fair degree with people in their 20s and 30s and has indeed spawned an entire industry of dating coach and information products that intend to help folks attract higher quality members of the opposite sex. Perhaps seniors can learn something here?

Of course dating when you are 25 is different from dating when you are 75 as this book so eloquently explains. However, in my humble opinion things never really change that much, we just become more set in our ways and less open to change, generally speaking of course.