As we age, two rather distasteful phenomenons: oxidation and acidification occur within the cells of our bodies. And while the names of these processes may sound pretty bad, the effects that they cause can be truly catastrophic if left unchecked. In fact, many researchers are convinced that the chronic inflammation that occurs due to oxidation and acidification could be the root cause of many of the most deadly diseases associated with aging.

One solution, according to anti-aging medicine specialist Lane Sebring is to flood the body with alkalizing nutrients to counter balance the acidification. Many vegetables, especially those of the green leafy variety like spinach and kale are known to have a very alkalizing effect, while at the same time providing essential vitamins, minerals, and mico-nutrients to the body in a whole food form that is readily utilized by the body.

Power Greens a supplement Sebring has created, has become a popular option among those wishing to gain the many help benefits of these alkalizing fruits and vegetables. The supplement, which comes in powdered form, is at this time only available directly from Sebring’s company directly. Customers report exceptional results using the supplement, including heightened energy levels and a greater degree of focus. Watch the video above for the complete story.

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